Why we created Training Tempo


We are the result of a combination of passion for sports and helping people perform at their best and the latest data science. We know that everyone is unique, so generic training plans don’t work quite well. This why our mission is to make it easier and affordable for people to achieve their endurance sports goals. We believe that living healthier and active lifestyles help us live happier and longer.

In the same way data analysis has led elite athlete become faster, we aim to do all the heavy lifting for you. Our algorithms use the latest sports science findings to munch your activity, sleep, weather data and feedback on your training to make sure you use properly of your training time and help you get faster.

Meet our founder



David is a former tennis player, who excelled at consulting and digital product management in big corporations. He knows the challenges of staying fit and achieving your fitness goals while maintaining a good work-life balance. Now as an amateur triathlete, he is committed to make it easier for people not only to stay fit but reach their goals and become faster while minimising overtraining and having a good work-life-sports balance.